Lands Design not working with V-Ray 3.60


(Johanna Johansson) #1

In Rhino 5.14 and V-Ray 3.60 (64-bit), Lands Design plants render in black and white. The rendering works normally if I downgrade V-Ray to 3.40.

Are Lands Design materials not compatible with V-Ray 3.60 somehow?

(Johanna Johansson) #2

Further information:

When a transparency map is present in a Lands Design material, it looks like VRay takes from it not only the opacity, but also the color, causing the material rendering in White.

If a transparency map is not present, it looks like VRay ignores the alpha compenent of the Color map. So, there is no way to get the Lands plants rendered properly.


Hi Johanna,
yes, you are right, there is a bug in VRay 3.6. This version does not read properly the rhino materials transparency. Its behavior is exactly as you have described it.

We have already reported the error to Chaos Group and they have already fixed it. Next version should include the fix.

(Johanna Johansson) #4

Awesome, waiting for the new version of V-Ray then!

Thank you for your amazing work on the plugin which is a joy to use.