Rendered views in V5 dont appear the same as in V6

Im not sure its me or if it V6. For a proposed work cell that I am starting to put together I decided to add Rhino rendering to it instead of just doing it shaded. When I opened in V6 the appearance is quit different then in V5 Is this to be expected? I would think that any work that was done in V5 should just open in V6 with out any real noticeable differences.Work cell concept.pdf (390.1 KB)

The top image is V6 and the bottom image is V5. The shaded 1/2 sphere illustrates the work zone of the robot. All parts are visible through it in V5 but some parts are blocked by the 1/2 sphere in V6


In this case, it should appear the same. However, we are currently making some major changes to the WIP display code, and I suspect that accounts for the differences here.

  • Andy