V6 rendering artefacts


Wanted to show the differences in rendering of the same element in V5 on the left and V6 on the right side.

Chances are they will need a file for this one…

Hi Karol - yeah, please send a file with that object - thanks. If it is private, send to tech@mcneel.com to my attention (Pascal),


test.3dm (89.3 KB)

Please find the file attachet. This is an import from *.dgn. If you need original *.dgn, than I can send via e-mail.

Please also find a result of dividing the brep with isocurve. Could the problem be with the file?

test1.3dm (67.2 KB)

Hi Karol - the surface somehow was
made to fold on itself - try drawing a half profile - from the pole to one edge and revolve that.
test (4)_PG.3dm (106.5 KB)