Open V6 models on V5 - V6 display modes


In my daily professional, I use Rhino V5 and I test Rhino V6Wip.

See the captures provided to understand my problems.

First problem : Rhino V6-V5 (Screenshot 2017-09-27 10.21.41)
Can not use Maxwell Render V3 with Rhino V6, I record my V6 files in V5.
When I open my V5 file with Rhino V5 and switch to shadow mode, the grid of the C plane disappears and I see an infinite gray surface. Turning my sight, I see either all that is above the infinite surface or all that is below.

2nd problem : Rhino V6 (other captures):
I do not understand why under Rhino V6, when I switch to certain modes of displays, I no longer see my scene.

the rendering engine is Rhino that I never use, so I do not control it.

Waiting for an answer,

Assuming lancer de rayons means Raytraced then I’d like to ask what Rhino WIP version you have installed? In the help menu there is a System Info command. Please copy & paste the first line from the output it generates.

There was in an older version a problem with shadows being turned off by the underlying system, which could result in exactly that - a white screen. I guess that if you select your object, then change to one of the viewports you’ll see the selection outline still?

If your Rhino WIP version is older than from the 26th of September then please update to the latest and try again.

Dear Nathan Letwory,

The answer to the first question was given to me by Mrs Vanessa Steeg of the technical assistance Mc Neel. This is just the default activation of Rhino Render’s “floor plan” in the V6. In Rhino V5, it is enough to select the default renderer “Rhino Render” and in the menu Panel / Ground plan (floor plan), to uncheck the option “activated”.
I’m sorry if it isn’t the goods words in the english interface… i’m french.

For the second question :
Rhino 6 SR0 2017-9-26 (Rhino WIP, 6.0.17269.9391)
You were right, I did not have the latest version! I just updated it seems better, but through Teamviewer, it’s not easy to check. I would look at it when I get back to work.
Thanks again.