Rendered view shows model in wireframe

Hi everyone,

I’m using Rhino 6 to build a model and after a computer upgrade, the render view is displayed differently. There are no materials and all the objects are in wireframe. I tried SetObjectDisplayMode and RefreshShade but nothing works.

Any help would be appreciated.



Did you update all (display)drivers after the computer upgrade?

To get better feedback on the issue, run the command SystemInfo ( type it in the commandline)
and past the report here.

Does this make sense?

Hi Willem,

Thanks for your reply.

Please find attached the system info screenshot. I managed to retrieve the surface textures by selecting “Restore defaults” in the Rhino Options window; however when i close the document and reopen it the settings are lost and the view is showing just wireframe edges.

Another element that is different is the colour shades, as they appear to be darker than earlier.

You Rhino version is SR4 2018-5-10

First thing to do is update Rhino
go to Tools - Options - Updates and Statistics

Either enable the checkbox in the top and wait for a message from Rhino to update
( an update will download in the background and might take some time
the popup comes after closing Rhino while the download was finished)

or click Check Now and update from there

does this help?


I have a similar issue. My rendered view used to show materials and masses as they are. Now its just a wireframe. Also for the ghosted view, it shows as shaded view. Can you please help me with this ?

Thank you


Hello- please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and post the results here.


I can’t seem to run the command SystemInfo. It’s not a recognized command. Is there another way I can get that info ?