Rendered and raytraced unuseable due to over exposed look

Rendered mode and raytraced are just too overexposed to use with no materials applied to an object. These modes with a standard sphere are unusable. The reason I bring this up is because most of the time I don’t set materials for an object until it is designed and in these modes the objects are overexposed making them impossible to use.
Also regular shaded gives weird reflections on objects like from an environment and also with hot spots that are painful to look at.

You could change the templates to have a slight gradient in the background. That will already give better pronounciation in either mode. The current public WIP probably still has a slight bug with environment handling, causing Raytraced to use the solid white for skylight, instead of the studio environment that is used in the default templates. This results often in completely white objects that seem to lack definition. This is fixed for upcoming WIP.

Again, some slight gradient in the background should help a lot.

looks overexposed? I thought so too, until I realized, that the gamma is set to 2.2 by default. try setting it to 1 and you will get results that are expected/normal/realistic. I had asked before why the default gamma value is so damn high but didn’t get an answer. the 2.2 seems to be standard across renderers though. I’m not sure if I get it right but I think the idea behind it is that it should compensate the monitor gamma curve. Also something to do with linear workflow?
At home I have an ok full HD IPS display and in the office I use a decent dell QHD IPS display. On both displays, no matter what I do with the lighting, all renderings lack contrast. With that default gamma it’s just not possible to achieve dark blacks and highlights at the same time. I also tried various combinations of brightness and contrast values on the dell monitor settings but still, with that 2.2 gamma value the renderings would never look good. I still have the feeling that I might have missed something here, maybe the gamma 2.2 is supposed to deliver more accurate print results?
Again: set the gamma to 1 and everything should turn out fine.

So I don’t have the feeling it’s only related to the bug nathan described. That bug had already given me a headache, but I realized it some time ago. Hope I’m wrong and lighting works fine next wednesday.

A little bit more insight on that matter would be much appreciated.

Right, current public WIP has a bug where the underlying changequeue keeps telling Raytraced to turn off all shadows. So no shadows from the sun or other lights will also contribute to the effect.

Anyway, I also personally don’t like the 2.2 default value of gamma. I keep forgetting about that. The only reason I ever found for bumping up gamma has been when, long ago, I played Counter-Strike. The ‘bright’ shadows helped picking out opponents easy. Other than that I find it rather annoying. @andy has explained several times to me what good the default is for, but I keep forgetting the reasoning :°


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Maybe he’s wrong. I agree the pix that Cycles makes by default w/o materials are actually pretty useless.

We will look into why this is happening in the coming days

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more experienced users might know workarounds but most users don’t. even the simple step of setting the gamma lower is not obvious for most users. as a result, first time users will try rendering a simple scene and be immediately disappointed buy the result, although cycles is actually pretty good and seems to have a promising future. so get the out-of-the box experience right and more wip users will stick with cycles instead of turning away after a few tries.

Great out of the box experience is exactly what we are after here.