Render Woes



Imported the top of two fan shrouds (which renders fine) into an assembly drawing , then moved it and made some slots in the shroud. Now it won’t render.

Original fan shrouds, only the top of which was imported:!AvbRThajlgqAhhdT0Whf3mxu0eSs

After importing into another file, modifying by moving and adding slots:!AvbRThajlgqAhhb3ALZeaaRqMHoa

View>RefreshShade didn’t seem to help.
Version 5 SR13 64-bit
(5.13.60913.21340, 9/13/2016)
Running on Windows 7 Home Premium



(Brian James) #2

The slots have an overlapping surface in them and I think this ended up making the edges bad and subsequently the render mesh. I think the best thing to do here is remodel the slot geometry cleanly and perform a BooleanDifference on a new revolve. I can get the render mesh back for the conical surfaces by RebuildEdges and Untrim (keeping the trim boundary for another trim) but there are still naked edge issues at the slot trims even after removing the small overlap surfaces. I suspect the problem with the edges is kept around after the untrim>keep trim objects.


Hi BrianJ,
That fixed it. Actually, what I did was rebuild the shroud (revolve the surfaces of the shroud), rebuilt from scratch the slot geometry whose center of the Array>Polar was at the origin, selected the resulting Array and used Solid>Solid Edit Tools>Holes>MakeHole.