Render STEP model with colors

Hello there,
I have a STEP 3D model with certain “colors” applied to it:

I am trying to render it, but each time I get a plain white effect on the surfaces/ textures. Is there any way to configure the rendering program to include the STEP model colors into the rendered image?

I would appreciate all help!

that’s because you have to configure each material in the material panel. what you see there are just display colors of each object

Thank you for the answer. Is there a way of somehow feeding the preset STEP colors into the materials panel? Otherwise it seems like a tedious work to do it by hand…?

I don’t know if there is a way but for that box is not a big deal either

The problem is that the whole step is a single part. So when I select it, all objects are selected at a time.

use the explode command or the explodeblock command to convert the bloks into normal geometry. then you can configure each material

For future projects you can use SelBlockInstace to select all blocks at once and then explode, you can repeat the sequence until nothing is selected. that way you make sure no block is left.

Also there is a script I found in this forum to explode each block to a new layer with the name of each block as the name of the layer.
ExplodeBlocksToLayersV6.rhp (14 KB)

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Hi @lprzenioslo
Once you’ve exploded the block, you can use SynchronizeRenderColors to “convert” the layer/object color to a simple custom material with the same color.
HTH, Jakob

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Hi and thank you for the answer. So what I did is select all → Explode → select all → SynchronizeRenderColors but it didn’t quite work…

Anything else I could try?

Hi @lprzenioslo
Sorry, no. Are the colors intact when you explode the block? And are they layer colors or object colors… Or maybe even sub-object colors? If they are sub-object colors it probably will not work, but someone might have made a script for it :grimacing:

I cannot tell really… I tried to synch each object separately (i.e., the casing, the screws then connectors), but it worked only for the casing- the other objects took the casing color as well…

But thanks though!