Urgent can't render an STEP. import

hello i have an issue to render an STEP import (i can’t apply a material or texture on the object)

OBJ. is working weel, so i tried to export the fbx into OBJ and re-import it but it is the same issue.

anyone has an idea ?

(the client has avery model in STEP so it is problematic)

thanks !

picture : the render one is the OBJ and the white one the STEP

i precise that the layer color doesnt apply to the FBX, it is still white in any case…

Hi -
You added the vray tag to the topic - is this a V-Ray-specific issue or is the same thing happening with the Rhino Render?

For rendering, the layer color doesn’t apply.
Can you post a small FBX file that you are having issues with?

this STEP file contains geometry as a Block Instance and this cannot be assigned with V-Ray material
i would use _ExplodeBlock command and assign material to the polysurfaces