Solidworks file converted to STEP and imported cannot change colors in standard layer for rendering

Before buying Rhino V 5.0 I am checking the programm out with Rhino Level 1 v5 tutorial and the 64bit Testversion for MS Windows:
Everything went smooth until I came up to section of rendering screwdriver (p. 234) in Rhino Level 1 v5 I stopped and experimented with imported STEP file of one of my own original Solidworks assembly files.
Rhino changed all the assembled parts in the STEP- file to blocks and I try in same manner as the screwdriver in tutorial to change colors of the parts but they keep holding in to the “standard” layer 0 color for the whole assembly and all the parts within.

-sublayers can be turned off after I assigned color to them but the colors dont change a bit
-viewport is in rendered viewmode
-exploding the blocks dont help

Sounds like you will need to assign a color (or material) to the layer. For rendering (and thus also for the rendered viewport) you need to add materials to the objects or to the layers, not just a color to the layer. In the layer box, there is a column for layer color and for material. HTH.

@wim thanks,colors aswell as materials are added to objects (and also to the objects defined within layers ) none of them change the viewport colors (in rendered mode or any other mode)

You have exploded the blocks? Block objects do not obey the normal object color procedures… Check for nested blocks…


@Helvetosaur Thanks, works out well, colors appear in the viewport