Render Settings Change Dramatically After an Object Match

I was going through a small texture bake model when I noticed that for some reason the render settings change dramatically after an object color match. I exploded the part that was creating the issue and slowly joined pieces then done the object color match. It came down to one three sided part and no matter what I do with it from removal, hiding or a color match it will make the render very bright and washed out.

And here is the visible in the white part that is creating the issue but with a proper render.
Strange bug!

Would it be possible to post a 3dm file and list the exact steps to reproduce the issue you’re seeing? Please email with the file if it is confidential and please also let me know the version of Rhino and Flamingo you’re using. Apologies on the delay in response here on the forum.

I think my answer may be that I’m using the evaluation version of both Rhino 5 and nXt. As I stated in my other post I have ordered the full version keys and hope it cures my issue, if not I will send tech a note because I can’t post my models in public forums…

Thanks for the reply.