Material rendered differently depending on other Material used



I am using Rhino 4, just installed Flamingo nXt and did some test renderings. What confuses me is the following:
I have some surfaces (lying flat on the ground plane) and assigned some material to it (olive green plastic). Then I rendered the surfaces using the Top viewport. The result looks like this:

Now I changed the material of the first “e” to something else (gold coloured plastic) and rerendered the picture. What I do not understand is, why Flamingo renders the other surfaces (which still have the same material as in the first render) differently. Now the rendered picture looks like this:

What am I doing wrong? I do not want to always have to change the material by trial and error depending on what materials are used in the scene. Any help is greatly appreciated.


(Wim Dekeyser) #2

Flamingo adjusts the exposure to the scene.

See if the following discussion helps you: