Render quality from 3ds file


Hi, I purchased a 3D file of a plant. The file format is 3DS. The mapping (plants leaves) is included.
Now ,while trying to render the model with the Rhino renderer (Rhino 5) I dont get a proper result.
The leaves look as if they are transparent. So no colour is to be seen. In the preview window, render view, everything looks great.
What could be reason?
Many thanks, Matthias


Hi Matthias,

one possible reason could be the material / texture used, either for color or for transparency. Select a single leaf, then go into the properties / material. Under “Textures” you should see either a single texture file assigned for “Color” and / or a texture file for “Transparency”. If only a “Color” texture is assigned, it may contain an alpha channel which does not get interpreted correctly by the Rhino renderer.

how many textures are assigned ?



Hi Clement,

thanks for your suggestions.
I had a look as you said, got into the texture menu and there are 3 files filled with the same leaf texture. It´s the colour, transparency and bump file. Each of it is set to 100%.


Hi Matthias,

thanks, you might try out why the transparency texture is not working for the Rhino renderer but in the viewport. If you open the transparency texture in Photoshop or similar, change it to rgb mode and save it as jpg under a different name. Then reassign it instead of the original one in the material properties. If this works in the viewport and renders fine it could be that the Rhino renderer doesn`t like the format it has been saved to. I´ve seen this happening with pure b&w images.

As you´ve purchased the tree and textures, i understand that you cannot post this here, you could alternatively send them via email to and refer to this thread to sort this out.