Denoiser on Viewport?

Is it possible to have the denoiser applied in the raytraced viewport?
At the moment, on my end, it is faster to render the image rather than raytrace it on the viewport. But of course Rendering it blocks any work that can be continued while the viewport is being raytraced.

Thanks, N

Yes, just install one of the denoisers that will work on your machine from the _PackageManager. If you have no good AMD or NVidia GPU take the Intel denoiser.

You can enable it once you have a viewport with Raytraced. Check the viewport properties panel for the Post Effects tab (yellow star), and enable the denoiser.

got it. Thanks.

Hi @nathanletwory,
Is there a way to keep the viewport denoiser on?


You can press “Set as document defaults” button at the bottom of the post-effects panel (the save icon). This will save the Enabled-state of the post-effect.

Hi David
Where will the save button

be on the Mac…? as I can’t find it in the panel

thanks a lot

I am guessing you have scroll bars hide by default. If you mouse over the right side you’ll see a scroll bar appear. Use it to scroll down to the buttons in question.

What save icon are you referring to? I don’t see it on my Win version either.

That is not the settings page for viewport denoising. You need to activate a Raytraced viewport and goe to the viewport properties, from there to post effects (a yellow star icon)

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Yes Nathan thanks
but its way down after lots of empty space…
wouldn’t it be nice if it was located in a less exotic location?

thanks a lot