Render mode

Hi there,
Problem with Rhino 7 environment in Render mode. Applying HDRI i do not get background. Only black. If I go to Raytrace mode, then I have environment picture. With Rhino 6 is ok. I see HDRI as background in Render mode. PLS. advice.

Third icon on a Tab bar is for Display.
Check there if the background is set to Render mode.

Yes Piotr. Background is set to the Use Render Settings. I already many years like working with Rhino. I think that here I do have problem with software leftovers. Because I did full cleaning of Rhino installation, 6 and 7 and later reinstalled. Rhino 6 works perfect and only Rhino 7 environment background is a little mess. Thanks Piotr for quick replay.

Hello - please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and copy/paste the results here.