Render environment as background, invisible?

I’d like to use an HDRI as a lighting environment and also as a background, but I don’t see the background part working. My environment is reflected in the object correctly, but the background is white in a rendered mode viewport, or gray in a Rhino render. How do I get the HDRI to show up in the background? Can’t get it to work in Maxwell either, what am I missing?.

environment background test.3dm (5.4 MB)

PS do me a solid and skip the part about why using an HDRI as a background is a bad idea? I know all those reasons, just need this to work tyvm.

Do you need to use the parallel view? In Perspective the bg env works just fine.

In parallel view you probably could just use a wallpaper.

OH FINE ok it works. Thanks. Can’t say I would ever have figured that out though.