Render Mesh a mess

I have just split out a surface and the new surface does not generate meshes properly. The 2 other surfaces are as expected but this one does not render in full. It also does not offset the .8mm into a solid properly. I have done this operation many times with good results.

I have had this problem in the past but do not remember how I fixed it. Help please.

RobbRenderMeshMess.3dm (198.4 KB)

Hi Robb - dupBorder on that thing and turn on CurvatureGraph at a scale of 60 - you’ll see where there is a loop in the trim curve.


Thanks Pascal - I found it another way as I was attempting to sweep 2. It turns out that the Pipe I used to slice the surface was mistakenly .8 radius not .8 diameter. That generated the loop.

Interesting that details in the object properties shows a Valid Surface.