Mac Rhino RDK rendering

I realise that it has come up in previous threads but I can’t see a specific thread devoted to the topic of the RDK for Mac. I have to say that it is a really important feature for us to be able to produce high quality visuals for client presentation.

I realise there are threads such as this: Render for Rhino for Mac which cover the topic of rendering software which have .3dm importers (keyshot for example). But the seamless nature of just hitting render is lacking.

As became clear in this thread: Lights mac rhino to windows rhino the lack of RDK support currently creates some major problems with working between mac and windows rhino which makes one obvious solution (buying a licence of windows rhino) somewhat impractical.

Please can we have some indication of when the RDK is likely to be implemented, or failing that where it is on the list of features to be implemented? I understand that Layouts are the next on the list for rev 5.2. We really do need to be able to plan ahead.

I would like to know it, too.
and think also that is totally important. I need to make complex textures :smiley:

Please do not plan on the RDK in the Rhino 5 for Mac release cycle.

@dan thank you for the update. It is rather disappointing though, especially given the typical time that major releases take. I guess we are years away.