Render Content Name Conflict


Thanks for the report. I have fixed this and I will send you a download link as soon as it’s been built.

To fix it, I had to separate the commands and options for the import and paste cases.

  • RenderImportRenameConflicting has been removed.
  • RenderImportConflictOption has been added to control conflict resolution when importing.
  • RenderPasteConflictOption has been added to control conflict resolution when pasting.

These are test commands and will not auto-complete. To switch on the dialog for both cases, you will need to execute both commands and select the dialog option each time.



Hi @Micha,

You can get the latest fix here:

I hope this does what you need. As usual, please remember that this version may have unforseen bugs.



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@pascal, @johnc Hi Pascal, John, I am reading this post about render name conflict and there are a couple of comments about the block name conflicts pop up, which is my problem.
Is there a fix for this problem - the Block Name Conflicts pop up ?
or am I searching in vain?

Hi - as far as I can tell, this is still in progress…
You can run the RenderPasteConflictOption and RenderImportConflictOption test commands to set this as you want.

According to RH-55256 (not visible to the public), once you have run those commands at least once, advanced settings will show up in the Rhino Options > Advanced dialog and you can change the behavior as such:

0 = When pasting, conflicting render contents will be discarded.
1 = When pasting, conflicting render contents will be renamed with [imported] post-fix.
2 = When pasting, conflicting render contents will be replaced by the imported item.
3 = When pasting, if there is a conflict, a pop-up dialog will ask you what to do.

0 = When importing, conflicting render contents will be discarded.
1 = When importing, conflicting render contents will be renamed with [imported] post-fix.
2 = When importing, conflicting render contents will be replaced by the imported item.
3 = When importing, if there is a conflict, a pop-up dialog will ask you what to do.

Thanks Wim

I see this us a fix for render conflict.

I am needing an option like this to set a default and remove the BLOCK NAME POP UP pop up, as this pops up for each deeply nested block in each component when updating blocks in our model. Each instance of each component produces this pop up and we use the same setting on all. For larger models this may take up to an hour and a half. In rhino 5 updating took a couple of minutes.

Block Name Conflicts pop up

Just to confirm, this is indeed a fix only for Render Material name conflicts. Block name conflicts is a separate issue which to my knowledge does not have such a command.
This is the relevant discussion: Block name conflict pop up


Hi @johnc,

I installed SR23 and I’m working on a fresh project file. I insert a linked block and all material names was fine. But now, after I worked on the file over the day and updated the block I got all material with “name [imported]”. Also if I try enable “UseDialogToAsk” and I update the block than no UI popup and ask me to use the original materials.

My goal is:

  • I want to get the keep the material names from the block
  • I want to use the materials of the main scene file.

(So it was working in the past years.)

I expect if UseDialogToAsk is enabled, that I can choose to import the original block materials to fix the wrong material names and I expect that I can enable to keep the main scene materials during the next block update.

I would be glad if you could check the functionality and implement a fix.


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Hi Micha,

I’m happy to look into this, but I have no idea where to start. Could you give me exact step-by-step instructions to repeat the problem, and possibly a 3dm file that demonstrates the issue?



Great John, thank you. Here a simplified version of my project file.

At the block file you see the original material and at the parent scene it got an “[imported]”. Also Rhino doesn’t asked me to rename the material.

I’m curious what you find.

Best regards,
Micha (398.4 KB)


Hi @Micha,

Sorry for the long delay but I did not get any notification that you had answered.

I will look into this next week. But could you give me step-by-step instructions on what to do with the attached files. There are many different ways to use blocks and I need to know your exact workflow or I will never be able to repeat the problem.



Hi @johnc ,

I’m glad we found back to this topic. :wink:

I attached you a scene file and a block, which is linked. If you look at the block file you see an object with the material “.Boden.hell”. Now open the parent scene file and there you find this block as linked block. And here you see the wrong material name. No popup window asked me to handle this situation, also if I enabled it before.

I’m very curious what you find.

Hi @Micha,

I have figured out what is going on. The [imported] string is not being added to the material name when the document is loaded – it is already there in the Parent Scene.3dm file. It seems that somehow, in the past, the text was added and then the file was saved like that. This is why you don’t get asked about it, because at this point, it’s just the real name of the material. I have attached the section of the file that shows this.

I can’t tell how or why this happened. This is a v-ray material, so either v-ray did it or Rhino did, but I can’t say which. You could try renaming the material. I don’t have v-ray so renaming is disabled for me.




Hi @johnc,

ok, we don’t know why, but we have a strange situation - we have two different material names, but only one is shown at the asset editor. Why is the material from the block not loaded?

I did an other test. I took a new empty scene and inserted the block file per drag&drop as linked block. I saved the scene, closed Rhino and opened the scene at a new Rhino task. From the past years I know that during the linked block is loaded I will be ask, which material should be kept. But not now. I checked and set the _RenderImportConflictOption to ask again. Now I updated the linked block at the blockmanager and again I get no popup question.

The goal should be that if a block is loaded the enabled popup window allow to choose the wanted option.

My hope is, if we get this issue fixed than we get the two-name-issue handled too. If at the scene the right material (without [imorted]) would be used than I could clean out the wrong named material per clean function of the Asset editor, which delete all unused materials.

Best -

Is it possible to add materials name in the dialog box? Sometimes i need to replace only some of them…

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What dialog?
The Materials Panel shows the material name in the Grid, List, and Tree view modes. Just right click in the Materials Panel and choose the style you like.

The problem is the render conflict UI, which popup, if you import an object which is using a material name like can be found at the scene.

The dialog that pop up using RenderPasteConflictOption and RenderImportConflictOption commands.

How can we choose the content to replace, rename etc, if there is no name somewhere?

The dialog in question is this one:


I think I might be able to add a way for you to see a list of the conflicting items. I have filed this as a request on the bug tracker.


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Thank you.

@johnc An other wish I got during my work - could you add a little flag option like “always for current project” please? For example I’m working on a complex scene and I know, for this project I don’t need materials from the loaded blocks, all materials are defined within the main file.