Render color cast

Hi All,
I’m having a problem with this magenta hue in my renders that applies shadowed areas throughout. It happened when I set my light units to lumens, but it doesn’t go away when I change it back. I’m using Enscape and Rhino 6.

That looks like the magenta color you might get for a skylight color if the environment map is missing from the file. It could also be an Enscape bug so I’d provide the file to them to check.

Hi Brian. Thanks for responding. How can I check if the environment map is missing?

I’m not sure where that is set in Enscape. If they use the Rhino environment, look in the Rendering panel (Panels drop down menu in Rhino 6 for Windows) and see what the skylight is using for an environment texture.

In fact there are no skylights in this model anyway. There’s only one door. It looks like the magenta color is supposed to be the shadows but somehow the shadows have turned pink.

If it’s only happening with Enscape as the renderer, see if they can help on their forum or support. I don’t use that plugin currently but did try it and recall you exported the scene to open a stand alone app. If that’s where your screenshot is from then I think it’s Enscape specific. It does sound like it is lighting related but it might also be a shadow color setting.

Okay. I will try on their forum. Thank you!