Rendering: strange behaviour

Hi everyone,

I´m working with a big model and I get strange render results.

Part of the model:

There are no gaps between buildings and terrain, you can see this in the arctic preview:

So why do I get this strange render result? The magenta light is placed behind the buildings but seems to leak out under the buildings. And there are strange shadows that shouldn´t be there.

For better understanding: that´s the position of the lamp:

Hello - does it do this if just the few buildings in the image and not the terrain at all, or just a small bit of it, are showing ?


Hi Pascal, a reduced model shows the same behaviour (everything not showing was not only hidden but was deleted).

Hi David -can you please send that model to I’ll take a look. Please insclude a link back to this topic in your comments.


im so curious about this. i have been having some strange shadowing behavior in parallel projection

I should add that there always was a huge mesh model hidden that I used to create the model I actually rendered. But the behaviour stays the same after deleting all meshes.

Hi David - does a full render look correct? So far your model looks OK here - can you please run SystemInfo in Rhino and copy/paste the results here?

@david.adam - your objects are very far from the world origin:
Point in world coordinates = 534868.661,5685399.260,167.551

Moving them closer in should help - I understand that may not be ideal…


That fixed it! After moving all objects closer to the origin the render result is correct. Thank you!