Strange red cast on skylight?



I’m doing a very quick and dirty interior lighting study for a skylighted structure.
After adding a rendering environment map, the rendering skylight casts a red tint on all materials, incl. default white.
The cast remains even after deselecting the emap…
Not a critical issue, but it seems strange. Any idea what may be causing this, or am I missing something?

shed.3dm (2.2 MB)

(Kyle Houchens) #2

what version of rhino are you using? I believe this has been addressed with a service release.


Latest 5.3.2
So is this a previously known issue?

(Kyle Houchens) #4

I’ve seen it on previous versions, but the current version works here…

does it do it on all models or just one?


All models same. Rebooting doesn’t help either…

(Kyle Houchens) #6

@marlin any ideas?