Render and video

Hello everyone. I want to make a video from the images I render with Rhino. Something about 10 seconds, one of the objects rotating. The best way is to use Rhino or export the file and do it in another program (which)?

Use Bongo plugin, or grasshopper.

Also, Rhino 6 will do some rudimentary animations, such as flythroughs and turntables.

Is it like asking what is the best car?

In my experience, there is no best way but an efficient solution for each problem. What are you looking for? Quality? Efficiency? Are you searching for something cheap or fast solution? what type of best solution? Do you need integration with Rhino or you do not need integration?

In the beginning, what is important is simplicity so realtime pays well. So that you can render fast and play with setup. When you become an expert, you can put time rendering more complex artwork.
I try Renderman but did not like the setup sensitivity of it. I never tire Redshift. I use to render inside Rhino and now I try to render outside.

My workflow is to convert the model surface to mesh. Make the UV mapping in Rhino and use an external software like RizomUV to improve them. Make the UV bump mapping detail using ZBrush. Later paint the model in Substance Painter. At this point is ready for render. There are many options. I prefer realtime like Rhino rendered mode, Unreal or Unity. But other options I was using are Cinema4D, Houdini, Unity Otoy Octane render, Painter Iray or Blender Eevee. Also, you can reimport the textures back to Rhino mesh and Render using so many plug-in rendering options.

I’ve used an earlier version of Bongo, and it’s convenient, and even fun. I found that even NURB points/handles could be animated, and from that I was able to animate moving hoses.

The built in animation commands will let you do rudimentary animations. I tend to preview them in a fast screen mode such as shaded or a copy of shaded that uses the rendering materials, and then rendering them for the final in Rendered or Cycles, or one of the many fine 3rd party raytracers. The frame collection can be animated in a program such as Virtualdub, and then the resultant AVI can be re-encoded with Winff or perhaps Handbrake.