Animation Render?

Currently I have been given a task to render a promotional video of a concept design of a building. I have a rhino model, quite heavy and have been sing vray do scene rendering. I simply don’t believe using vray for rhino is the way to do animated renders. Just wonder if you guys know any software that can do nice animation, at the same time compatible with rhino vray model format so that i can use the stuff that have to create animations straightaway? Many THANKSS!

I don’t know what kind of model you have at hand but I could recommend taking time to look at Bongo2.0. There is a trial version 30 days, this should suffice creating not so extensive animation.

As for the rendering, if you’re using Rhino6 there is a “new” render mode called RayTraced. You can combine Bongo2 with Raytraced (called RhinoRenderNext in the Render panel).

Ask here for specifics how to set up the render as I still cannot get the hang of it. Not that I try :stuck_out_tongue:. I was able to animate a box translating, rotating and scaling with RhinoRenderNext. Just for test I haven’t had any usecases for further tests.

The first time I had a job involving animations I actually used the trial version, then bought Bongo2. Even though there are a lot of WTFs inside it it has its usefulness (on occasion :wink: ).