Remove specific curves from a list?

I am trying to remove the curves from the list that made up the wireframe of the brep. They came through as part of my voronoi network when I created it with a solid difference component, but I don’t want them there. Is there a way to delete specific curves (based on the referenced brep wireframe for example)?

Althernately, is there a way to create this 3d voronoi network without ending up with the brep wireframe as an artifact?

Eli (92.3 KB)

The general case is :

Given 2 Crvs find if one is “coinsident” (so to speak) to the other. This is addressable with a variety of ways the most naive/primitive is to DivideByCount (that yields a Pts Array) the smaller and then get the closest Pt of the bigger (against each Div Pt) and measure the distance. If any is greater than, say, RhinoDoc tolerance … then the crvs are not “coinsident” (you can - as an option - use Tangent Vectors as well)

But for this case a simple end/start pair check (or better a mid pt check) is OK (unless the donor/oem breb edges are to be tested as well).

So for a given collection of Breps: you add the sum of the Edges (Minus the seam) of the first one into some collection and for each next you test if an Edge (a Curve in general) is sampled into the collection (don’t add) or not (add).

Anyway … found 5 minutes for a demo (Bad news: is pure C#). (37.0 KB)

Thanks for the quick reply! Looks like an elegant solution though I don’t speak the language as an industrial designer! (yet) I will have to study up.

Your logic is helpful to see though. From your perspective, is the C# route you took here more efficient, more effective, and/or faster than using native generic scripts in GH?

Well I own an AEC practice. Think a vast variety of apps: core and verticals (mostly BIM oriented [like AECOSim] or not [like CATIA/Siemens NX] - Note: all these have nothing to do with R/GH). Think customized DataBases that contain also a vast variety of meta data. Think a total control of every Project (study phase/status, what’s left/remaining etc etc). Think the forest (and forget the tree). Think a continuous development on all the above (nothing to do with R/GH mind): if you wait from any vendor (and/or an outsider) to cut the mustard for you … well it’s rather better to change trade (flee training has a bright future I guess).

Above all: think teamwork (and about 50+K C# things - give or take).

In my view doing that kind of business without using 100% code is unthinkable. That said R/GH play a rather small role on all that.

PS: Added some minor stuff more: (148.1 KB)

That said: If you want some sort of “artistic” Graph from these edges (say: for some LOL truss “like” single decorative object or some other similar thingy) … then the above approach is “OK” . If on the other hand you need the donor Breps … then a Brep/Brep Connectivity is a must (meaning that the unique Edges would been extracted with a different way).

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