How to remove the shorter of two overlapping curves

The attached file creates a voronoi intersection with a brep solid, this gets very close to the result that I want but I still have overlapping curves on the edges of the text.
Can’t figure out how to remove the shorter of the two overlapping curves in any pair.
any help is appreciated, maybe there is a more efficient method to create the voronoi volumetric lattice pattern? I tried using crystallon but this method produces a more appealing result.
JoeV. (43.3 KB)


If you don’t feel like waiting around, use ZBRush. The attached took precisley 2.3 seconds from your curves in ZBrush (Zbrush Dynamesh will figure out the duplicates).

Otherwise in GH your best bet is Dendro:

Thanks Yes I thought about just using cocoon but I am actually exporting the curves to be used as a framework for another model which is why the duplicates are causing some headache.
But I am going to try Dendro now as cocoon tends to take forever and easily locks up my machine if I guess wrong on a parameter.
Do you find Dendro works more efficiently than Cocoon?
Edit- I do have an old copy of Zbrush i guess I need to blow the dust off.
Joe V

Yes, even the author of cocoon says so. Dendro is a different approach which uses the same mesher houdini uses, it’s very fast.

I’m playing with dendro now, any chance you know why my volume settings tool only has the vsettings box as circled when I get it from the dendro pulldown menu? I had to go into the sample files to get the tool with the 4 inputs?
Joe V.

Hello Joe,
The Dendro settings component is under the Dendro Convert group. You can select it from that group under the Dendro tab or double click your Grasshopper canvas and type “Create Settings”.

There is also a Settings Param but that is an optional component used for managing connections on the Grasshopper canvas and it sounds like you can ignore it for your current needs.

A single settings component should connect to any Dendro Conversion components you use (Mesh to Volume, Point to Volume, Curve to Volume and Volume to Mesh).

You can check page 4 of the documentation.PDF in the Dendro plug-in zip file for more info on what these settings define.

Hope that helps!

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The problem in your defintion that the result create many duplicates of text shape
use this (36.1 KB)

Thank Seghier!
this was a big help and so simple.
My solid intersection wouldn’t work because i did not understand that i had to graft the input data and flatten the output, I am still learning gh data management.
Your solution Imported into Fusion for Tspline creation and worked great, Thanks!