Remove mandatory email from Food4Rhino projects

I’m really tired and angry of receiving emails asking for things like how to install my plugin or things that are in the description of the project. This is food4Rhino’s fault not the user’s, because the + more button is ridiculously small and floating around without visual clues, and the intuitive thing is that behind that is just a description, people don’t expect a how to install section because the project page layout is arbitrary, it has things like license buttons that nobody cares about and the most basic fucking thing which is how to install or how to use it has no visibility.

But I’m angry because you won’t let me remove my email from food4Rhino projects even if I set up a forum. Why does the user have to know my email? Don’t you think it’s enough bullshit all the uninteresting promotions, spam, newsletters that nobody cares about and all the absurd notifications we receive by email, that I also have to receive non-automatic emails from people who waste my time because of a bad web design? Please, I don’t care if it’s mandatory to give a contact email to you, but I don’t want to give it to people because I already offer platforms to solve doubts that are not the dirty pipes of the internet and that don’t make me feel like I’m 80 years old.

Please allow me to remove the email from my projects. It makes no sense whichever way you look at it. I can put a fake email or I can ignore the emails, why force to show an email there? Being mandatory doesn’t guarantees absolutely nothing, well yes, yet another focus of bad UX for users.

Hi Daniel,

I see that on your Peacock page one can see the installation instructions:

You are free to ignore any e-mails from your users (with all its consequences - would remove your e-mail solve the real problem (how to install your app)?), but something we’ve learned over the years when people ask the same question over and over, it’s not just that they don’t read, but that a process is not straightforward.

So, a few suggestions to make it easier to install Peacock:

  • create an installer (instead of the UserObjects folder)
  • use YAK
  • add the “how to install” instructions also at the description of every installer

BTW, I noticed that Rhino 7 is missing as a supported platform at Peacock | Food4Rhino


FFFF the problem is not how to install anything. The problem is sharing my email, I repeat, the problem is sharing my email, it doesn’t make sense to make it mandatory, it doesn’t make sense. It happens with install and with many other things not only installation, if I have a forum with FAQs why are you forcing me to give support by email?

I have already put an email like in my 8 plugins, is not just Peacock, and the responsible for this may generate confusion is your site, because you make mandatory something that does not make sense to be.

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Again, feel free to ignore any emails sent to you.

But don’t having a contact email doesn’t guarantee at all that people will read further or visit your forum (if they don’t read, they won’t read that either).

Instead we recommend you to fix the real problem.

Carlos Pérez
McNeel Europe

wow, what a sad display of alienating plugin developers.

Can you please elaborate further?
Why do you think we are alienating plug-in developers?

Carlos Pérez
McNeel Europe