Unable to log in to Food4Rhino!

Hey - I am trying to update a plug-in release but I cannot log-in to food4rhino.com. It lets me get to the log-in screen but then still shows “log-in” at the top after i complete the process, and I cannot edit or upload my release (or download any plug-ins!). Have tried on windows, mac, different browsers, with no luck.

I’m seeing the same behavior. I’ll see if I can alert the appropriate people to get this looked at. Thanks for reporting. http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/F4R-16

I dont know if its related, but I tried a password reset on food4rrhino just now and I got the reset email, clicked on the reset link, got to the page where it said to click to Log In button for a one-time login, but then it came up Access Denied

@andheum, this issue appears to be fixed this morning. Please try again. Apologies for the down time.

@gavinmetzler, please let us know if you are still having these issues. If it persists, then we’ll call it unrelated and see how we can fix it.


how can login to foodforrhino…its says access denied.so i can’t get thought it…some help pls ???


Thanks for contacting us.
Have you received the e-mail with the confirmation link? You need to click on the link inside before you can download anything on our site.

If you have not received this e-mail, please give me the e-mail address you used to register so I can check what’s happening.

Best regards,

beteduz@gmail.com…tnks for ur help

Im having the same issue, when I click to download it tells me to login, even if im already logged in. How do i sort this out? Ive been trying to Download the “Peacock” pluggin for grasshopper and having no luck with that.

It’s been like that all day, think we just have to wait until they sort it out.

We are still investigating what caused the problem but everything seems to be working again.

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Please fix the registration for the food4rhino.com website.
I’m not able to download anything. The email confirmation links seem to be broken.
I’m getting this message all the time.

Access denied.
Please validate your account by clicking on the link in the email we sent to your address.
Click on this [link] to re-send a validation email

Plese help. Maybe someone could send me a link to Elk 2 to download. Highly needed for my current project :frowning:


I’m sorry you are getting problems with the email confirmation link.
Maybe your e-mail server blocked the link.

I validated your account, you should be able to connect now with your credentials.

Best regards,


Hi, I’m having the same login to download issue this morning. Seems to be the same on all browsers. I’m logged in but the usual download button is displaying Log in which takes me to my account profile.

Dear Matt,

We made some changes this morning and it looks like they introduced a bug. Site developer is restoring the old code, can you please try again in an hour or so?


I am trying to login to food4rhino to download pufferfish and peacock, and I’m getting a redirect error every time on whatever machine I use. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Same here:


// Rolf

Yes everyone is. The redirect error occurs only when logged in. You can clear cookies and the site works but as soon as you sign in it will error again. Unfortunately, you need to sign in to download stuff :smiley: we just have to be patient.

Hi everyone,
There was an issue at the time you wrote and this is now fixed.
Sorry for the inconvenient.

Best regards,



Access denied.
Please validate your account by clicking on the link in the email we sent to your address.
Click on this link to re-send a validation email

It is still not working. The verification email is not coming in and not even in the spam. Please double check and let us know. Thank you!

My account is ceoalice@gmail.com
Please verify the account.