Privacy agreement still a thing?

Is the privacy agreement to access email addresses of users who downloaded our plugin still a thing?
I cannot seem to get in contact with food4rhino, and I want to ensure that user emails are still obtainable by submitting the privacy agreement.
Thank you in advance,

It says so on the website. Even with the contractual safe guard, I wish it was otherwise. I have no intention myself of harvesting user data.

## How can I contact with the users who downloaded my content?

User privacy, trust and security is very important for us and key for the success of food4Rhino.
Therefore, if you are a Developer who has uploaded a Rhino plug-in, Grasshopper add-on, or a Resource and want us to provide contact information for the users that downloaded your project, you need to:

  • Send us the “Data Disclosure Agreement” ( by e-mail to or by post to McNeel Europe SL – Roger de Flor 32-24 bajos – 08018 Barcelona – Spain.
  • Add a support e-mail address to your project (if a user wants to modify or remove his personal data from your database, he will use this e-mail address)
  • Keep users’ personal data safe, secure and confidential

Once we approve the documentation, you will be able to check all e-mails of users that have downloaded your contents, and the total number of downloads, on your personal area.

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I think It may be outdated, I requested user data to launch a marketing campaign a few weeks ago still unread… I think It’s just better to add a simple CTA onsite, It’s a shame because we lost hundreds of user emails that we could’ve collected during this time…
Thank you for your reply anyway!

Did you sign and return the contract/ agreement ?

Ofcourse… Well I’ll try to reach out to mcneel support to confirm to see if this is still an option or not.

Fair enough. Ceclie is super helpful, she’s probably just not seen this yet.

Hi Farouk,
We have no received your message, can you double check the address where you sent it?
Thanks James for following up on this one.

All the best

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Hi Cecile,
Thank you for your follow up
I sent it to, should I have sent it to a different email address?
I can direct it to you directly if that’s fine with you
Thank you very much for yoru help.


I found it in the Spam folder, I’ll answer you now by mail, sorry for the delay

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Don’t worry thank you very much for your help Cecile and @James_Parrott

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