Remove/fix micro naked edges

ZoomNaked command shows two micro problems like that. I`ve tried to select all and use RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges command without success. How to remove/fix those naked edges?

Hi Marcin -

It would be better if we could look at the 3dm file. From those images, it might look like Untrim would work?

Thanks. I can`t show it as is (NDA). I should prepare it (I will do that later).

I fixed it alone. I selected surface after surface and moved them to the new layer. I deleted the old layer. That geometry was not selectable so I haven`t known how to select it and delete it. It looked like floating geometry which left after offset/trim command.

It helped. So I moved the good surfaces to the new layer and the old one was left with invincible tiny edges.

Earlier I deleted garbage like this with RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges and it worked. Those two were different.

This sounds like a flaw in RemoveAllNakedEdges that should be identified and corrected if possible. I suspect that your sharable example file would be a great help to the developers if you can create it and didn’t lose the original problem file in the process of fixing the issue.

On behalf of all Rhino users I encourage you to take the time to make an example you can share and submit.

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@AlW , @wim :
garbage_naked_edges.3dm (56.1 KB)

When you will run ZoomNaked on it - it`s a matter of errors ID 6,8 and 13.

I know that those errors come from very thin polysurface nail (it’s exposed there) but the question is: why Rhino show those errors like that and most importantly how to fix errors like this on big geometries? That garbage polysurface nail was created during offsetting/trimming. Now it’s easy to find it but tell me how to remove errors like this only seeing those errors during ZoomNaked (it doesn`t look like think polysurface). Thanks for helping me. Cheers!!!

untrim/ retrim is usually the fix for stuff like this.

selbad and extractbadsrf help to isolate these parts then you can trim, keep trim curves and then either rebuild the surface to extend it a bit so it can trim cleanly or edit the trim curve itself to be better.

Thanks but both selbad and extractbadsurface don`t localise those errors (no bad object selected, all polysurfaces are valid).

How to check where is the polysurface which contains bad edges like that?

How do I know which surface should be untrimmed?

dear @mdesign

there is a unexpected supersmall Surface-Stipe
→ delete the surface (i keept it red, moved 1mm)
will do it

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This super thin polysurface was created during offset command (with solid option).
How could I do untrim/retrim if that needle is hidden between surfaces? On ZoomNaked I see only that pink curved edge. How could I find that needle? I found it only by accident when I created a file to paste here and I removed surface after surface. Is there any tool which tells me where is that bad polysurface to have a possibility to delete it?

This is isolated bad polysurface:
This is how it looks during ZoomNaked command:

It looks like floating geometry but in fact, it is an edge of a super thin polysurface needle.

Here you can see where it was hidden:

How to find bad polysurfaces like this inside big objects?

dear @mdesign can you post some .3dm /geometry file that allows to reproduce this error of _offsetSrf command ?

i am just guessing - this might happen if you offset a polysurface with fillets.

it s a good idea / practice to keep surfaces without fillets, and use them for offsets - create corresponding fillets afterwards for both sides of the shell.

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I will prepare it during the weekend. Yes, there are fillets present there. It`s not my design. I work over someone else project.