Naked edge issue

Select the blue and run analyse naked edges; two teeny-tiny dots will show up and I can’t get rid of them. Tried explode and join. Tried merge edge. This isn’t vital, the filleting is going to get messy anyway but I can’t see what is wrong.bracket.3dm (2.3 MB)

Hi Tone - if you switch to a parallel view and zoom (Zoom Target) waaaay in in one of these, you’ll see a tiny spur sticking off to one side from the edge - the easy way out is testRemoveAllNakedMicroLoops



Thanks Pascal, I’ll give it a go.

Worked a treat. Though I have no idea how the loops were generated.

If you extract the trimmed surfaces which make the intersection, and examine the edges (with _DupEdge, _MergeEdge), you will find that they are split badly.

Look for faulty trimming input.