'Remove duplicate lines' replacement in ShapeDiver model

There are many times my models need to use ‘Remove duplicate lines’ in the script.

But this function from both Kangaroo and TT toolbox are not supported by ShapeDiver.
I was wondering what could be the alternative solutions.
Please share your ideas.Thanks!!

(I was reading that older version of Kangaroo 2.0 is supported by ShapeDiver, but after I install it, I didn’t see ‘‘remove duplicate lines’’ component in the list)

The latest version of Kangaroo 2 is supported on ShapeDiver, and it contains the component you are looking for:

You should not have to manually install Kangaroo, the version that ships with both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 is supported on ShapeDiver.

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Thanks for your solution.

But in my case, I download the plugin from food4rhino,version Kangaroo 2.0, I installed it on both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7, just to see if there is any difference. But I couldn’t find ‘‘remove duplicate lines’’ or ‘remove duplicate pts’ or other components in the Utility list, in Rh6 and Rh7.

And I double checked if the plugin is unblocked, but it is not.
I don’t know what is the issue here.

I suggest you remove the plugin you downloaded from food4rhino and manually installed. If you cannot see another version of Kangaroo after you do that, then try repairing your Rhino installation. Kangaroo should be included in a fresh installation. If the problem persists, try asking for help in the Kangaroo category:
Kangaroo - McNeel Forum

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