Kangaroo Components 2.5.3 and ShapeDiver

Hello there,

Could anybody tell me if there is an easy solution to this problem?

Kangaroo 2.6 is now supported and you can update your local plugins with the package on this Documentation page.

Also, not all Kangaroo components can be used on ShapeDiver as the computation time for some of the solvers can’t be reliably predicted, see more details here and here. Use the ZombieSolver instead and please keep the computation time limit of your account in mind when building Kangaroo applications on ShapeDiver. I recommend to start with a low number of MaxIterations and set the parameter to a slider so you can test easily on the platform and find the right value.

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Hi Pavol,

I installed the package but unfortunately its not working as long as the following component is in the script.
Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 17.27.15 1

One thing to watch out for with some of these utility components from Kangaroo is that they were duplicated between Kangaroo 1 and 2.
If you have both installed it’s easy to accidentally use the old version of one if you get to it by typing the component name. Try deleting and replacing this component with the one from the Kangaroo2 tab.

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the hint. I manually selected the component in the Kangaroo2 Tab but it didn’t solve the ShapeDiver Upload error.
Created an easy script to test the component - even this is not working… Another idea what I could try??

I just tested the removeDuplicateLines component on ShapeDiver and it works fine:

test kangaroo.gh (14.7 KB)

Try reinstalling the Kangaroo plugin on your computer and re-upload.

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Okay perfect - Will give it a try.

Really don’t know why its not working - I reinstalled rhino 7 with kangaroo2… If I open your data and save it, its not working anymore and the error from above occurs. Cant get rid of the 2.5.3 components because they are automatically installed with rhino 7. As a result of that, Kangaroo 2 doesn’t appear in the component folder and I can’t do it manually. Ideas?

Do you used in your script the 2.5.3 components?

Check out the file. Just saved yours and that converted it somehow.
2_5_3_test_kangaroo.gh (7.5 KB)

I think I need to change back to Kangaroo 2.5.2. again as mentioned in the Shapediver notification.
Dont think reinstalling is a solution for that issue.


Could you please save the test file as GHX and share here again? This will help us to get to the bottom of this.

First of all, I found a work around. As I mentioned above, I switched to an older version of Kangaroo 2 temporarily. If I am opening a script, Grasshopper is asking me which version I want to use (2.5.2. or 2.5.3). And with the 2.5.2. its possible to upload the script.

Anyway here is the .ghx data of the test file. Thanks

2_5_3_test_kangaroo.ghx (75.4 KB)

Thanks for sharing what you found out about the Kangaroo versions. This issue affects users working with Rhino 7 on Mac and we will fix this with soon with new plugin updates.