Kangaroo 2.5.3 not supported

Hello, Im trying to upload a definition but ShapeDiver complains Im using Kangaroo 2.5.3 while only until 2.5.2 is supported. I was on the understanding 2.6 should be installed. I even dont have any Kangaroo component in my definition. What am I doing wrong?

Ref: 60307440-2595-4dcd-a6d6-fb35fba588dbunnamed.gh (56.7 KB)

Hi Alejandro!
We’re aware of this issue. This is happening because for some reason Rhino 7 has been released on Mac bundled with Kangaroo 2.5.3, while on Windows it shipped with 2.5.2. ShapeDiver runs instances of Rhino 7 on Windows. The solution to this is only to wait for an update to Rhino 7 on Windows, since Kangaroo is not a 3rd party plugin that can be installed/updated via the Libraries folder. Once McNeel pushes an update to Rhino 7 with Kangaroo 2.5.3 bundled, this problem will solve itself.
Here’s another thread on this topic that could be useful:

Kangaroo 2.5.3 has been included with Rhino for Windows since at least 7.3 (we’re currently on 7.4).