Kangaroo 2.5.3 not supported

Hello, Im trying to upload a definition but ShapeDiver complains Im using Kangaroo 2.5.3 while only until 2.5.2 is supported. I was on the understanding 2.6 should be installed. I even dont have any Kangaroo component in my definition. What am I doing wrong?

Ref: 60307440-2595-4dcd-a6d6-fb35fba588dbunnamed.gh (56.7 KB)

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Hi Alejandro!
We’re aware of this issue. This is happening because for some reason Rhino 7 has been released on Mac bundled with Kangaroo 2.5.3, while on Windows it shipped with 2.5.2. ShapeDiver runs instances of Rhino 7 on Windows. The solution to this is only to wait for an update to Rhino 7 on Windows, since Kangaroo is not a 3rd party plugin that can be installed/updated via the Libraries folder. Once McNeel pushes an update to Rhino 7 with Kangaroo 2.5.3 bundled, this problem will solve itself.
Here’s another thread on this topic that could be useful:

Kangaroo 2.5.3 has been included with Rhino for Windows since at least 7.3 (we’re currently on 7.4).

Hi Praneet,

In reference to the below from Will Pearson, does Shapediver have any updates regarding this? Is this a case of Shapediver needing to update their Rhino versions on their server to the latest versions to Rhino 7.3/7.4?

We are aiming to host a virtual event during the month of June incorporating Shapediver geometry that requires the multipipe function of Kangaroo 2.5.3.

If you could provide a time frame of when we could expect this functionality with Shapediver it will help me manage expectations for the event/plan alternative options if it won’t be feasible before then.



Hi Oscar
To be able to use Rhino 7 models on ShapeDiver, you need to put in a request to access the Rhino 7 systems. As of now, all users are given access only to Rhino 6 systems. We can give access to Rhino 7 systems only to Pro users on request.
If you already have a Pro account on ShapeDiver, please write to us via email and we will give your account access to the Rhino 7 systems.

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Thanks Praneet,

I have emailed Ezequiel regarding the pro account.