Remove Duplicate lines - Can't find Kangaroo Components 1.00

Hi All,
I wanting to explore the work done by Laurent Delrieu ( available through this link: "spiralize" offset curves for fabrication. However when I attempted to open the file I get a pop-up informing of an unrecognized object: removeDuplicateLines 1.00. There doesn’t appear to be a download available when Grasshopper does a search.

Any advice appreciated.


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Plugins can be found on

thank Michael, I’m well aware and have made use of the site, it is however this particular object with which I am having difficulty: removeDuplicateLines 1.00

It is on both Kangaroo version.

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I thought you understood it is from kangaroo based on your post title.

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@Michael_Pryor & @laurent_delrieu
all working now. it appears to have required a reinstall of the plug-in. Thanks for the assistance.