Kangaroo 2.0 ''remove duplicate lines'' components missing

I am trying to use ‘remove duplicate lines’ component in Kangaroo 2.0.
The reason I use this version is ShapeDiver supports this version.
And after I install Kangaroo 2, I couldn’t find ‘‘remove duplicate lines’’ or ‘‘remove duplicate points’’

Any idea why?

I also tried to install it on Rhino 6 (I’m using Rhino 7), it’s the same situation.
I tried to repair Rhino 7 and Rhino 6, no luck.

I’d like to know if someone has a solution to it?

It should be in Utility, not in Goals:

Hi Drilon,
Thanks for your reply.
I tried to search for it under Utility, and here is what I have under the menu

And under the ‘‘Kangaroo2’’
I got Goals and Main.

And when I just type and search in the canvas, there is no ‘remove duplicate lines’ from Kangaroo showing up.

Im sure that is something that you need to fix, but in the meantime you can use this C# script that i wrote which is supposed to do the same thing.
Hope ShapeDiver supports scripts.

Remove duplicate lines.gh (8.7 KB)

Thanks for the fast reply.

Yes, indeed, I’m wondering where went wrong.

And thanks for your script!