Remeshing non-manifold mesh, keeping non-manifold edges

Hey there,

as the title suggests, I want to remesh a given mesh, which has some non-manifold edges by design (internal surfaces as boundaries for further processing and volumetric meshing). Those edges must be maintained in the sense that these internal boundaries are staying valid. Additionally, there must be the option to “fix” some vertices/faces in places, so that they are not affected by remeshing.

And before I dive into that rabbit hole, I wanted to make sure, that there is not some magical command, plugin or combination thereof, that might spare me some time.

So far I have tried:

  • the new “QuadRemesh”, which unfortunately doesn’t respect non-manifold boundaries
  • the MeshMachine/Kangaroo SimpleRemesh (which gives a runaway vertex circulator error, indicating it also doesn’t want non-manifolds)

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions!

I guess the best way is to first removing the nonmanifold meshes to block them and make the remesh on the rest but i don’t know the mesh complexity