Orient A curve form Cplane to another Cplane

Hi Guys,

I was hoping to know if their was quick way to Orient a curve/s from one cplane to another cplane quickly.

Context: I have a logo to put on a watch strap, i import the logo frm illustrator, but its imported to the TOP plane and i want it on my new custom made Cplane.

Current method.
Draw a rectangle on the new Cplane and then orient 3pt the desired curve from the old Cplane to the new one. Seems slow. Any quicker techniques?

Thank you so much in advance.



Hi Max,

Could it be that the command _RemapCPlane is what you need:


Really, appreciate the rapid response. Looks perfect but…

When it says to click on Cplane to Map to: How do i click on a Cplane? Im missing the idea i think.

Thanks so much


I think you need to click in the viewport where this Cplane is active.


Cool, thanks, ill try.
Much appreciated