How to relink imported bitmaps

Hello. I have an imported bitmap in my model. I don’t know where it is and what it is used for but it’s there (the model was produced by someone else who is not available). When i launch the render with V-Ray, i get the message that the Bitmap file failed to load. I have the Bitmap, i just need to relink it but i can’t select it in the model as it is nowhere to be found. Isn’t there like a link list like in Indesign or Illustrator? And if there is not, how can i solve this?
Thank you in advance ^-^


i guess it is an environment background
go to vray options> environment and re link it.

if this map is a material map go to vray material editor and find the material that uses it, and relink.

i hope it helps

it did, thank you Blastered!