Releveling an object quickly?

I’ve an object that’s somehow been moved slightly out of level. Is there a way to quickly restore it to it’s original position?

“Quickly” is relative…
If you cannot do it with the transition commands, another way is to revert to an earlier save (but do not restore it!), copy the object in question, go back to your current version and paste it in.
You have to be lucky enough to be able to get to the object and have it saved in it’s original position though…(you can manipulate views but not change visibility).


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Orient3Pt might help here… Pick 3 points on the object which you want to correspond to origin, x axis y axis direction, then for target choose the somewhere on the Top CPlane, then somewhere parallel to X from that first point, and somewhere in the general direction of Y. That should “re-level” the object.


I do miss the Mac version for that very reason. When you get into a flow it’s a powerful tool to be able to explore the history and copy and save bits to reuse in the current file. Very powerful.