Having problems leveling an object

I have a simple object ( a round tube ) and it is not perfectly lined up on my X,Y,Z axis. So for example if I put a point on the center of both ends of the tube and then move the object so that one of the center points on the end of the tube is at the location 0,0,0 and then if I look at the location of the other point on the other end of the tube it will be off a very small amount ( in fact it’s so small that it won’t display the exact coordinate because the decimal point would be so extended out )

Is there a command in Rhino that can be used to level an object so that its perfectly strait on the x/y/0 axis?

Have you tried orient? Draw a line at origin along Z axis, then run Orient and snap to tube end centers, then to line end points.

That did the trick!

This is going to save me a ton of time in the future… as a lot of my work involves using the Boolean command to extract objects for injection molds and if the objects aren’t perfectly lined up on the Z-axis it can be problematic…

In the past I’ve tried to use the rotate, or rotate 3d command, but when the object is off such a small amount it is difficult to get these commands to work.

Thanks again for your help!