Lost object in Rhino

Hi all, I lost an object on the rhino screen. Is there a function/shortcut to jump back to that object or to move it to 0?

If you have several objects and it’s just one that got lost in “outer space”, you can window select what you see on the screen, then Invert - which should select all objects that are not visible (hopefully just the one you lost) then ZoomSelected. Then move your object back to where you want it.

somehow I don’t get it-sorry! Which function do you mean by window select? Right now I have only one object and that’s the one that is lost. I see it in the perspective view but not in the front view

Ah, OK, in that case Zoom>Extents>All… (right click on the zoom extents button)

great that already worked - thanks :wink:
And is there another way that dragging the object back to 0?

Well, once the object is in view, call the Move command, with object snaps pick some point on the object that you want to land at 0 (as the “from” point), then just type 0 and Enter to move the object to the origin.

Thanks so much!!!