I get stuck below my object in the perspective viewport

Hey, I’m new to Rhino and love the software but there’s one thing that drives me nuts. My viewport sometimes get “stuck” below my object - as in I can only view my object from below - by mistake - its like my mouse slips and Im suddenly stuck below my object. When this happens I cannot use the zoom or pan functionality (when holding in cmd or shift) and I don’t know how to get back to viewing my object from above again. Is there a way to revert back to a comfortable top view position in my viewport? Please help?

I’m not able to reproduce this here and wondering if you can record a screen capture to explain more? My only thought is that you are somehow changing the view to use the bottom orthographic projection. This would require SetView>to Cplane>Bottom followed by the Plan command. You can try SetView>to World>Perspective to fix this the next time it happens as a test. Please let me know if you figure out the steps that are causing this inadvertently as well.

Hi Barbara,

Have you tried clicking on the name of the viewport in the top lefthand corner where it probably says bottom?

or “view” from the pul down and then “set view” and choose top or bottom etc?

Ah you beat me to it : )

What you’re describing might be to do with how the camera works. I previously had a similar issue which I thought was a bug, but was in fact to do with the way the camera moves relative to an object. There are many others here who will be able to explain why it happens, but try selecting a part you need to look at then view>zoom>zoom extents (or extents all). This will change the camera position and allow you to continue moving and zooming in and out around the object.

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