Release date for iRhino 3D for iPad

Is there a timeline for release the improved version of IRhino 3d ?

Hi Asis -

iRhino isn’t awaiting a specific “release” date. What problem needs solving?

hi @wim . As There is an official app in ipad which does not allow modeling and another WIP version which allows modelling and editing. So I was thinking there will be an official version of WIP iRhino 3d

We already have an official version which is the one that you install from the app store.

We experiment with features line modeling and editing in our WIP version that is available on TestFlight. These features may stay in the WIP version for a very long time. Once we feel comfortable about a specific feature in the WIP, we move that feature to the official version of iRhino that you can get an update for from the App Store.


I have been paying attention to when I can really model on the iPad, but there is no movement. A little disappointed.
At present, only shapr3D has realized CAD modeling, but the only regret is that it can’t model surfaces.
I sincerely hope that you can complete the full-functional independent modeling function of the iPad version as soon as possible, which is the future trend and inevitable.

Have you tried iRhino WIP?

We are improving both Appstore release and WIP release of iRhino almost weekly but we need user’s feedback to know what we should focus on. What’s not working for you in iRhino WIP in terms of modeling workflow?