Regular Surface

Hi, is there any method to turn a trimmed surface into a regular surface, at the same time remained the part that is unwanted? It is because a trimmed surface often become troublesome when we want to create uniform cells on it.
I am looking for a way to create uniform cells on this surface, appreciate advice from you guys,

Regular (30.1 KB)

Like this? I rebuilt the boundary curves because the resulting surface was a little messy otherwise, so I hope this is not a problem.


Hi Akilli thanks for your reply.
That was a great help for the first step my problem, but what I intended to do is to map those panels on that surface(you’ll saw them in my GH file, the group that label as ‘Panels’).
When I try to map them up, all those cells turns out stretched instead of remained uniform.
Do you know how to make them regular?

It’s not clear to me how you can panel a surface that is so skewed without some stretching, unless you increase the numbers in the uv directions.

Hey Akilli, sorry for late reply.
Considered your solution and I gave it a try. Looks much more better, thanks!