Regression: Script Editor Duplicate Highlighting

Hi @eirannejad,

I’m gonna start making individual script editor topics from now on, as I’ve kinda lost track of the monster feedback topic. Continuing the issues with duplicate highlighting, here are some explicit regressions:

That is:

  1. Selected text highlighting is barely visible to (to me) and hard to distinguish from duplicate highlighting.
  2. Duplicate highlighting is barely visible to (to me).
  3. Duplicate highlighting is not case sensitive (a problem in Python).
  4. Duplicate spaces are not highlighted (see post).



Unfortunately #3 is a problem with the editor that will need a special hack.
See notes

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Cheers Alain, I forgot about the Youtrack, my bad. Also, I forgot to report that the new editor does not highlight duplicate spaces (i.e. as seen in the old Youtrack screenshots):