Rhino 8 Grasshopper Script Editor - Design Feedback

Hi @eirannejad, apologies for not reporting the issues I had promised (e.g. syntax highlighting issues). I have not really had time for further testing lately, but hopefully I will soon. This topic has, understandably, snowballed quite a bit outside the original intention, which was to provide feedback on the visual design of the script editor (e.g. its structure, layout, menus, elements, styling, fonts) and not so much its performance and functionality. So I thought I’d just quickly recap the design issues I’ve reported that appear not to be YouTracked, are still open, or have been closed but where the issue still persists:

4: Syntax Highlighting (my primary reason for not using the new editor)
5: Duplicate Highlighting
6: Font Sizing Using Mouse Wheel (+ Terminal)
7: Simpler Unified Icons (super low priority)
8: Superfluous Layout Elements (mostly resolved)
9: Slow Printing to Console (not design issue, but another primary showstopper for me)
10: Missing Font Variations
11: Border and Background Width/Color
12: Top Menu Structure and Verbosity (especially Window having Toggle start all items)
13: Grasshopper Menu Point Placement (this one really bothers me for some reason :face_with_peeking_eye:)
14: Top and Bottom Bar Information

I don’t know if you can comment on the roadmap for the editor or any of these items individually? Also, if we should start new topics when reporting issues, suggestions etc.?

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