Regression: Right clicking on selection filter doesn't always update

Not sure what triggers it, but it seems to be a purely visual glitch.

I have the menu docked along the bottom of the screen like so:

Right now, I can only select curves, because I right clicked on the curves option. However, unlike V7, in V8 this doesn’t show up in the toolbar (ie all checkboxes except curve gets de-selected), and every option still appears to be selected even though they’re not.

I still see this in 8 SR3.

Yeah, I experienced this once or twice as well. I can’t remember how I fixed it, I think perhaps hiding and showing the panel again…

@eobet I could not reproduce that here, but I did log a bug regarding the curve selection filter yesterday. Do you experience this only with curve or are the others behaving the same?

I use curve 99% of the time but I’ll keep an eye out. It’s not easy to test, because I noticed that the issue fixes itself after a while, but the first time you start Rhino 8 the problem is pretty consistent.

EDIT: Nope, started the day out with right-clicking on control point filter today and sure enough, the GUI did not update (but the functionality did). After a few clicks, the filter GUI began updating. @Gijs

New for the latest SR release is that a second filter panel pops up in addition to the one I have docked along the bottom, and that filter panel does show everything correctly, while the one on the bottom doesn’t…

Ok, I just noticed that this bloody duplicate pop up window doesn’t show the truth 100% of the time either, because it just showed everything checkboxed, and then blinked when I clicked something until it disabled itself… and then I noticed how my “main” filter toolbar was not showing anything disabled.

Man, Rhino 8 feels like such a beta! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Also, two different computers, so it doesn’t seem to be a graphics card or driver issue.


I have the same issue and have reverted to Rhino 7. Rhino 8 has way too many bugs and wasted a ton of my time already trying to troubleshoot issues that don’t exist on Rhino 7. Releasing Rhino 8 was a big mistake.

Just to be sure, that is a feature that was added in Rhino 8:
If you try to select stuff but it doesn’t let you, but you keep trying, we assume that you did not notice or were not aware the selection filters were enabled. So after a 4 attempts, it will disable the selection filters.

Clearly something is happening at your end that gives you two selection filter panels that are not in sync. When I add a duplicate selection panel they stay in synch, no matter where I change the settings of it.
Do you happen to know what you did before it got out of synch?

On my other machine, the second panel rarely pops up, but it goes out of sync with what’s actually being filtered for constantly either way. It feels as if the graphics fail to update for a panel that’s docked along the bottom of the screen like I have.

Anyway, I think I’ll also revert to Rhino 7. There’s just too many bugs and frankly, I don’t see any new things in 8 which benefits me and the few bugfixes I was waiting for get lost in the mess. I’m super disappointed so far.