Regenerating Graphics problem

Hey Guys,
anyone else with that problem too? It is really disturbing the workflow.Took about 3-4 seconds everytime!

It appears while:
hiding objects
control points

I found sth in the older forum:
regenerating graphics

Win 10 Pro 64 bit
Nvidia GTX 275

Thanks for your help!

Hi Slesch,
Does this happen with every model you work with? If it happens with just one, please send it to and we will check it out.

@Slesch, just in case, try to uninstall and re-install VisualARQ again.

For everybody who might run in this problem too and is looking for help in this forum:

"The walls that are extended to objects require more time to perform than other walls. Specially if they are composed by multiple layers or they have openings inserted. Take into account that the software calculates boolean operations for each wall layer to provide this result. So 2-4 seconds of “regenerating graphics is quite normal. If it took a significant time longer, please let me know.”