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I’m using rhino for a while and refreshing the screen with rhino is not really flew, but using visualarq is really worse. visualarq is always regenerating even for small project like house and I have to wait all the time. My computer is a P7 64bit with 16 gbyte RAM and a GTX 780 for graphic card. this config is quite strong but with visualarq i’m struggling for all my project…There is a way to improve this ???

Thanks for you answer.

Hi @Cormier_Huang,

VisualARQ may slow down Rhino, as it needs to perform more tasks, but normally it shouldn’t be noticeably.

Each time you see VisualARQ is regenerating graphics is because you changed something (probably a VisualARQ object or style), and the object, and all dependant or interfered objects, needs to be recalculated. Many of these regenerations involve several boolean operations, which are one of the slowest operations in Rhino. If you have a 7 layer wall style, and you put a window inside it, VisualARQ will need to perform, at least, 7 boolean subtractions each time the wall needs to be reacalcutated. If you modify the wall that is connected to the end of the previous wall, the 7 boolean subtractions will need be computed again, as the shape of the 7 layers may have changed.

In a future VisualARQ version we will try to implement a fast-design mode, which will try to reduce all this operations while you are in the design process. For example, we will use a single layer to represent a 7 layer wall style, and only when you need to print plan or section views, or when you need a full 3d detailed view, we will create all 7 layers.

Anyway, maybe there is something wrong on your project. Can you send it to me to, so we can take a look at it, and let wou know if there is something wrong or if there is something you can change to make if faster?



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Hi Enric,

Thanks for your answer. The slowing problem is happening in all my project…maybe because I’m always running after time. Anyway I will wait the next VIsualarq V2. Actually when did you plan to launch the V2…seems quite a lot of new very interesting features…

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Hi Miguel, we still don’t know when we will release VisualARQ 2.0. There are many new features that we need to test properly.
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